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Google Code University

Do you think Programming is a difficult task? No, it’s not. In Internet you can find many Programming resources because Some of Programmers used to sharing the code, techniques, progress of the software development & even they’re started to teach us via tutorials online. Even we can’t forget the Open Source & it’s community. Open Source is a key to learn more efficiently with technology because of it’s transparency. That’s why I mentioned Open Source in my profile page too. :)

Now, Google is helping us not only by providing the search results for our query, by also providing Google Code University. Yes, you read it right. It’s a place to start studying Programming. This Google Code University provides sample course content and tutorials for students and educators on current computing technologies and paradigms.

I hope you remember my previous educational post Academic earth : world-class education. There I mentioned “Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.” Like-that Google provides you an option to teach you Programming, but you have to learn it. :) It teaches many Programming Languages, including my favorite Python, Java, C++ and etc., To learn programming you need one basic quality called patience. Yes, sometimes it may frustrate by showing errors while you start compiling (My own experience) but don’t lose hope, as I told you earlier check your coding properly & patiently. Obviously, most of the Programming languages are very strict with their syntax, whether it’s a missed semicolon or case-sensitive issue it shows error(s). So, study well with patience. Happy Programming. Don’t forget to visit Google Code University.


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  1. selva says:

    This is really very useful.. May be Academic earth is some time redirect to other site for the content but google-code-university is very open…

    Have plan to learn Python and got into good place..

    Thanks for sharing very good info

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